Obama's Push For Pacific, Atlantic Free Trade Part Of Globalist Vision

President Barack Obama's plans to form wide-reaching trade partnerships in both the Atlantic and Pacific spheres reeks of a globalist agenda that would threaten the sovereignty of the United States and the other nations involved. 


The White House's globalist vision harkens back to the Bush administration's push for the North American Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America that would have expanded NAFTA to a complete political and economic integration of the U.S., Mexico and Canada, WND reports.


Why is the creation of gargantuan trade zones bad for Americans? It puts more clout into the hands of international organizations such as the World Trade Organization and the United Nations, leaving even less control over our own affairs to us. 


The president insists on pushing for free-trade treaties with the European Union and Pacific Rim, selling "new globalist alliances" that will outsource more U.S. jobs despite having bashed his presidential GOP challenger Mitt Romney as a "jobs outsourcer" during the 2012 election season. 


Furthermore, he's pursuing his globalist vision under minimal media glare. Mainstream media, for example, has barely covered free-trade negotiations among the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) members. 


That is by design, argues WND. Obama knows all too well how increased scrutiny from the right and left laid George W. Bush's plans asunder.


Tell Congress to kill Obama's TPP.


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