Poll: China Expected to Surpass Uncle Sam As Superpower

China is destined to overtake the United States as a global superpower, according to a recent global survey of 40,000 in 39 nations worldwide. That, doesn’t mean the world is happy about it -- whatsoever.

The Pew Research Center, which produced the poll, found that even half of American respondents felt the dragon would wrest the top spot from America, Reuters recently reported. And one-third of all those polled expressed the belief that China already led the world on the economic front, up from 20 percent in 2008.

The results, however, aren’t all rosy for the dragon with only half of global respondents viewing the country in a favorable light, compared to 67 percent for the United States.

The Japanese possessed the least positive review with only 5 percent of those polled from the U.S. ally having a favorable view of its Asian neighbor. Only 37 percent of Americans expressed favor for China, compared to 51 percent two years ago.

Read more about the survey: http://reut.rs/14h8F5r.