Rangel Rapped for Outsourcing & Serving Wall Street

Demonstrators slammed Rep. Charlie Rangel for his votes in favor of job-killing outsourcing deals. When he served as chairman of the tax-writing committee in the House, Rangel consistently served up tax breaks for Wall Street and multinationals. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. Rangel voted for the Korea and Panama "free trade' (read: outsourcing) deals just days after singing the praises of Occupy Wall Street. OWS demonstrators weren't buying it and decided to visit his Harlem office and tell the world who Rangel has really been representing in Congress: outsourcers and tax cheats. That Rangel himself hid money offshore doesn't help. Neither does the fact that many of his constituents know about trade - their family members were victims of a particularly nasty trade policy. Video here.