U.S.-EU Free Trade Pact Unlikely To Help American Small Biz

The emerging and evolving U.S.-European Union free trade treaty is probably the only such future pact that has the best prospects of producing a modicum of benefits for Americans. But that’s not saying much, as U.S. small business owners worry over whether they’ll reap any opportunities from it. 

As negotiators work to hammer out an agreement, experts in the field are less than optimistic about the prospect of small businesses, which tend to drive U.S. hiring, gaining much.

The main beneficiary? Major -- mostly multinational -- corporations, of course, observed Yale University visiting business professor Prakash Sethi to Fox News recently.

Furthermore, they’ll still face stiff competition from their German and British counterparts. “Europe is not a third-world economy. You have Germany and the UK, and all these countries where small businesses are doing services that are equally smart. So, given the value of the dollar and the competitive advantage … they’re not going to gain a whole lot,” he added.