USA Middle Class Under Siege

Our middle class is the backbone of our national economy. In the end, it is the middle class that pays every bill and keeps our nation strong.

Unfortunately, our middle class is under siege. We have lost two decades of real wage gains. There are few jobs out there, and those that folks can find are mainly in low-paying service sectors, like restaurants.

This situation is directly caused by the growth of our trade deficit, as thousands of our factories have been moved abroad. While working for a USA tech company in Asia, I saw firsthand that countries like China, Korea and Japan are purposely targeting our manufacturing sector because they remember what Washington forgot: manufacturing is much more valuable for job creation and the national economy because of the hundreds of suppliers that add value even before final assembly. Every USA purchase touches many Americans due to this multiplier effect.

We can’t let Washington off the hook, but we also must take action as individuals to stem this tide. It is time for our people to demand Made in USA products or cut spending. Many small businesses are already on our side, and once businesses realize that there is money to be made in Made in USA products, that number will increase.

Washington under either party cannot fix this with spending or paper money shell games. The only way to heal our economy and save our middle class is through renewing our manufacturing base.

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Todd Lipscomb is the founder of, proudly selling products Made in the USA