Will Obama ask China's boss how to spy on American citizens?

President Obama meets with China's communist boss Xi Jinping today. The administration tells us the purpose of the private talks is to build cooperation. We can now safely assume that means Obama will be asking Xi for tips on how to spy on American citizens more effectively.

While Silicon Valley techies helped build the machinery the Chinese Communist Party uses to keep tabs on its citizens, it turns out China was the testing ground for a security apparatus now deployed on our own soil by our own government. Savvy arms merchants sell to both sides.

President Eisenhower warned of a military industrial complex threatening the body politic. At the time, Silicon Valley was growing missile launchers and avionics. The Valley now has other crops, but it's still very much part of the Pentagon plantation.

There's been speculation on what China's rising influence in the world will mean. We have the answer: government surveillance of citizens is standard operating procedure, even in the nation once seen as the Shining City upon a hill, a beacon to the world of liberty and the rights of man.

We've not only given them our jobs and industires, the Shining City now follows the moral example set by the Middle Kingdom's Red dynasty.