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Don't believe everything you hear about China trade talks - some media outlets are as compromised as the NBA by conflicts of interest.

Curtis Ellis of America First Policies joins Charles Payne's  "Making Money" on Fox Business network.

As U.S. and China trade talks resume, a troubling angle has arisen. U.S. investors, including military and government personnel, could unwittingly fund the Chinese Communist Party. One America's Chanel Rion is in Washington and speaks with Curtis Ellis of America First Policies .

Globalization is a central issue in the GM strike and the new US Mexico trade deal. Totalitarianism is a central issue in our relations with China. Curtis Ellis of America First Policies joins Varney & Co.

China's true nature is on display in Hong Kong. It shows U.S. trade and investment in China has not made the Beijing regime democratic and peaceful.

Curtis Ellis of America First Policies joins Varney & Co on Fox Bsiness.

President Trump called out China at the UN for trade cheating. Curtis Ellis discusses on Fox Business Network.

Proposed trade deals with the UK and Japan and the USMCA all serve to unite our allies in a trading bloc that can counter China's cheating, Curtis Ellis tells Varney & Co on Fox Business.

Curtis Ellis joins Varney & Company to weigh in on the GM strike and President Trump's call to GM to make autos in the US, not Mexico.

China poses an existential threat to our way of life.  We cannot allow China to continue violating all the rules of international commerce, Curtis Ellis tells Stuart Varney on Fox Business.

Curtis Ellis of America First Policies joins FBN's Charles Payne to discuss the latest developments with China and GM CEO Mary Barra's meeting with President Trump.

President Trump's tax, trade and regulatory reforms are delivering higher wages and more jobs for labor union members and working Americans across the country, Curtis Ellis of America First Policies tells Fox Business News.