How to stop fraudsters, smugglers & spies from doing business Curtis Ellis touts bill that inhibits the use of anonymous shell companies


Follow the money.

That's what Deep Throat supposedly told Woodward and Bernstein to do to find the perps behind the Watergate break-in and cover-up.


We are now paying the true cost of the China price.

The China price is the ultimatum Walmart buyers give vendors: this is the price we will pay – if your factory in the U.S. can’t meet it, we have one in China that will, and we’ll be happy to help you move there.


By Curtis Ellis

The owners of capital and their McKinsey consultants would do well to follow the teachings of David Ricardo—all of them.  

It is said truth is the first casualty of war. That would make globalization, and specifically the “Phase One” trade deal with China, the second casualty in the war against the coronavirus.

Curtis Ellis reports from Iowa on 'Make America Think Harder' candidate

The people of Iowa see the presidential caucuses like racing enthusiasts approach the Kentucky Derby.


In yet another historical accomplishment, and in the middle of the impeachment circus, President Trump signed the USMCA agreement.


The World Health Organization is a case study of how the Chinese Communist Party infects supposedly apolitical institutions. But it doesn’t end there.  

Two dangerous infectious agents are emerging from China. One is the coronavirus. The other is the Chinese Communist Party.

Curtis Ellis cites myriad policies that've benefited those who grow our food

An unwatchable impeachment trial proceeds at molasses pace in Washington, its outcome a foregone conclusion.

Meanwhile, in Iowa another drama awaits as Democratic caucus goers prepare to choose their favorite candidate.

But there too the outcome is certain:


Decentralizing economic power is key to restoring both the economic and social health of our nation.

President Trump appeared at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland as vir triumphalis—the man of triumph. He presides over an American economy that boasts low unemployment, rising wages, and a booming stock market.


Curtis Ellis of America First Policies joins War Room with Stephen K. Bannon to discuss President Trump's message  in Davos.