Curtis Ellis notes China deal, USMCA contravene Clinton era appeasement

President Trump landed decisive blows on potential challenger Joe Biden this week.

We refer to the trade deal with China and the Senate's approval of the USMCA.

The Most Important Thing About the China Trade Deal is the Deal Itself

The phase-one trade deal with China exemplifies how President Trump has remade our relations with China and reset the debate on trade and the economy.  

Curtis Ellis notes irony of EU nation trading with 'death to Israel' Tehran


The latest chapter in Iran's 40-year confrontation with the U.S. reveals who our friends are.

Following the termination of Iran's terror chief, President Trump announced further economic sanctions on Iranian officials and Iranian companies.


A growing pile of studies and a growing pile of corpses show that the debate over trade—specifically trade with Red China—cannot be limited to a dissection of economic indices, profit and loss statements, and “increased shareholder value.”

Curtis Ellis sees poor judgment in Senate battle of 20 years ago


Joe Biden doesn't want you to see the work you paid him to do.

At the same time Sleepy Joe demands President Trump release the tax records of his private business before he went into public service, Joe won't release the records of the work he did on the taxpayers' dime in the U.S. Senate.


Tax reform, trade reform, regulatory reform, and energy reform offer winning hand for all Americans.

President Trump’s populist economic program continues to stump the band of economists who pass themselves off as experts.

Curtis Ellis notes, 'President Trump never bought America's decline'

Harry Truman said "an expert was a fella who was afraid to learn anything new because then he wouldn't be an expert anymore."

2019 will go down as the year everything the experts told us was wrong.

Here in no particular order is a hit parade of things the experts got terribly wrong in 2019.  

Leftists Follow China's Lead with Social Credit Score System

Communist China’s social credit score system is coming to America.

In China, citizens who do not meet the party’s guidelines are denied access to banking, transportation, apartments and college.

Curtis Ellis says care for 'working people' now extends only to government workers


The Democratic Party is the party of the deep state.

Democrats have long been called the party of big government.

But what we're seeing in today's party is of an entirely different order.

Clint Eastwood Ahead of the Curve on the FBI

Sharp-eyed viewers will catch the foundational message of “Richard Jewell” in the caption on a poster hanging on the wall in a defense attorney’s office: “The government scares me more than terrorists.”